Our mission is to influence social change through networking and linking volunteers with special knowledge, skills and talents with the grassroots community projects in Africa for the best interest of all.


Smiles Africa Experience is a Kenyan organization which is founded by young people from the Korogocho community.

The initiative is geared towards influencing social change at the grassroot level, by linking up the marginalized communities with potential volunteers and interns through the programs and projects in these communities. Our aim is to create a platform through which both volunteers and communities get to a win-win situation, by exchanging knowledge and skills transform lives.

At the moment we are registered as a legal social enterprise in Kenya, but we are looking forward to finish the process of becoming a registered charity trust. Being part of the community and cofounder of most of the projects we want to be their direct link for donations and advisory support. Creating a network between the different programs for the best interest of the community and help develop self-sustainability.


To contribute in influencing social change in Africa and specifically Kenya through linking with relevant people from all around the world.

To give an adequate opportunity to interns and volunteers to utilize their skills,
talent, time, experience, and knowledge to work with us in developing our communities.

To facilitate proper guidance and advise to those who choose to volunteer or be interns in our country so as to maximize on the opportunity to make a difference to both the volunteer and the local community.

To support the community projects through networking between them as well as with international organizations and expertise.

To be a constant consulting partner for the existing projects and the community as well as for startup projects with the goal to make them self-sustainable.

Our Team

With a deep passion for philosophy, the initiator of this whole project does not live in the land of poets and thinkers but in Nairobi, managing and coordinating our project.

Peter Mwashi Litonde

Coordinator & Founder

With a blink of an eye she could make you buy a boat, but luckily rather focuses on taking care of international volunteers in Kenya.

Monica Wanja

Hospitality & Logistics

“Adventurous web-nerd, who rarely stops talking”, is the short description to our all-round talent, putting work into pretty much every field of our team.

Julian Rollshausen

Voluntary Ambassador

Being a professional Jenga-Player in her free time, our aspiring architect not only stables wooden blocks, but makes sure our work doesn’t fall apart.

Rahel Rollshausen

Voluntary Ambassador